South America swept storm

South America storm swept Natural Disasters

The strongest wind speeds greater than 140 k / h and rain swept over the central states of South America. Suburb of the capital Asuncion Paraguay was almost swept from the earth's surface. The broken edges of the wave of looting swept.

As a result, the element has claimed the lives of five people. Four of them were cadets, and were killed when the roof collapsed barracks in which they lived. Another 15 cadets received injuries of varying severity. Among the dead was a teenager, to whom fell the water tank from the pharmacy mall.
Many of the wounded was in the Paraguayan capital, but their delivery to the hospital was difficult because of piled rubble and trees urban roads. The influx of victims even more complicated movement in Asuncion. Total for the country asked for help about 80 people, destroyed 5,000 homes found. In many communities for a long time could not restore the electricity supply.
Patiently stood in the rain of Scorpions fans did not wait the concert, which was canceled due to dangerous weather conditions. In the north of the neighboring countries of Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil, the wind was not so strong. Its speed was about 100 km / h, but some failure in the form of broken trees and tore roofs or electrical wires still available.
In Uruguay, for safety while shops are closed and ports, especially the movement of ferries in Argentina Buenos Aires.

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