South Korean destroyers equipped with new cruise missiles

South Korean destroyers equipped with new cruise missiles

Warships of the South Korean Navy started to equip the new cruise missiles «ship-to-earth», which are capable of striking the entire area of ​​the DPRK. This was told local media reported quoting the country’s Defense Ministry spokesman
Refers to the modification of the marine cruise missile «Henmi 3-C», who wear the title of «Blue Dragon.» In fact, they are an improved version of famous American «tomahawks.» «Traditional» overland option «Henmi 3-C» has a radius of 1,500 km acts then as a kind of applied on ships («Blue Dragon»), engage targets at a distance of 400 km. With all of this, both versions have a very excellent performance accuracy, the deviation is less than 3 meters.

«Blue Dragon» entered service the main striking force of the South Korean Navy — destroyers class KDX-III (7600 tons displacement, equipped CICS «Ichzhis») and class KDX-II (4500 tons displacement). This information was confirmed by a representative of the Defense Ministry of South Korea on the criteria of anonymity. «Radius act» Henmi 3-C » variations in «Blue Dragon» is approximately 400 km. They are capable of hitting targets on virtually all areas of the DPRK. These missiles and started coming to our destroyers, «- he said.

Each warship will have up to 32 missiles «Blue Dragon.» New missiles will significantly enhance the ability of the South Korean Navy. Until now most of their long-range guns were missiles «Harpoon» class «ship-to-ship» acts with a radius of less than 150 km.

In the South Korean media speculation emerged that the destroyers began to get new missiles in connection with the building of their own abilities North Korea near the South Korean island of Baengnyeong. Not far from this island on the coast of North Korea has built a large database of North Korean hovercraft. In Seoul, the fear that in case of conflict, the DPRK will be able to rapidly put troops on Baengnyeong or other South Korean archipelago — Yeonpyeong. «Blue Dragon» called, according to the plan of the South, be a deterrent for possible armed provocations by the North.

Oleg Kir’yanov

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