South Korean village evacuated after toxic leak

South Korean village evacuated after toxic leak Danger Zone

About 70 residents of a village in South Korea evacuated after at a factory south-eastern city of Gumi leaked toxic chemical. It turned out to hydrofluoric acid, seven tons of which emerged at the end of September 2012.

It is noteworthy that the evacuation was initiated by the villagers, who feared for his health, while local administration is no warning not released. Villagers require administration of the organization of temporary shelter to the mark.
The remaining two hundred with some villagers to be evacuated by the local authorities have in several stages. Living in the nearby village of Koreans also require immediate evacuation to is not in the area of environmental risk.
According to health organizations, after a leak at the plant Hube Global harmed more than 600 meters to local residents, firefighters and rescue workers. When unloading the tanker with the acid explosion, which caused the leak. Five workers were killed. Hundreds applied for medical aid had similar symptoms: nausea, chest pain, rash, burning sensation in the eyes and throat.
According to preliminary estimates, the toxic waste contaminated with more than 99 hectares of crops and orchards, poisoning received about 1,300 farm animals. Ultimately, the region was declared a state of emergency.

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