Southern District received new anti-tank systems Chrysanthemum-C

More than 10 sets of new anti-tank missiles (ATGM) "Chrysanthemum-S" on the crawler, which replaced the complex "Storm", entered the artillery units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), based in Ingushetia.

"In the near future to complete the connection fitting of the new anti-tank systems. Along with them will be representatives from the manufacturer to help personnel learn practical skills of new technology, "- said Friday the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

ATRA "Chrysanthemum-S" is designed to destroy modern and future enemy armored vehicles equipped with reactive armor, as well as fortifications and engineering works of the enemy, its surface and low-speed air targets and manpower.

A distinctive feature of the self-propelled anti-tank systems "Chrysanthemum-C" is its all-weather capability. Targeting is performed by an automatic control system for a combined radio beam and semi-automatic by a laser beam. The complex has the ability to simultaneously firing two goals and high rate.

The complex consists of the commanders and military vehicles with two types of missiles: a tandem warhead cumulative effect of (anti) and a powerful high-explosive part.

Currently ATGM "Chrysanthemum-C" is the most powerful of all the currently available anti-land systems. The large effective range of fire in all weather and field conditions, high rate of fire and security make the complex indispensable for both defensive and offensive operations of the Army
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