Southern Railway built in the Kharkiv region, three powerful electrical substation

Southern Railway (JZ) has completed the construction of a contact network in the area Poltava — Krasnohrad — Lozovaja, where in May will go to high-speed trains. Electrification of the conducted in preparation for Euro 2012. The voltage in the contact network will begin on March 30.

As noted in the Southern Railway, will Lozovaja station, where joined the DC power and AC. Work on the plant will be completed in early May. In this case, the reconstructed traction substation Lozovaja, which were replaced with two power transformers and switchgear built 27.5 kV, already adopted by the Commission in the operation. Put into operation and new traction substations in the stations and Krasnohrad Sahnovschina. Admission Commission traction substation "Karlivka" (Poltava region). Held on March 13.

According to the Southern Railway, traction power substations account the future development of the railway infrastructure and the region as a whole. For example, the capacity of the two transformer substations "Krasnohrad" is 80 MW (for comparison: power Krasnogradsky regional substation "Kharkivoblenergo" — 16 MW). "The availability of free electrical power will give a serious impetus to the development of regions", — noted on the road.


Help "SQ". In preparation for Euro-2012 Southern Pacific Railroad was built four stationary traction substations — at stations Krasnohrad, Sahnovschina, Karlivka (direction of Poltava Krasnohrad-Lozovaja) and substation "Sagaidak" (direction of comb-Poltava), which since February has working. At the same time in all the previous 20 years were built only two fixed traction substations — in Romodan (2002) and Poltava (2007).

All four new stationary traction substations — modular type. They use the most modern equipment: gas-insulated switches, compact switchgear all voltages.

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