Space rocket Proton-M with KA Yamal-402 was taken to the launch site


December 5, in accordance with the decision of the State Commission adopted the day before, took garbage to the launch pad area 200 Baikonur Launch Vehicle (ILV) "Proton-M" with the upper stage (RB) "Breeze-M", designed to remove the target Communications of the Russian orbit spacecraft (SC) "Yamal-402".

Space rocket set to trigger. Initial calculations of rocket-space industry of Russia began to work on the program of the first launch of the day.

Telecommunications satellite "Yamal-402" will have to fill up the grouping of domestic communications satellites and provide coverage to the territory of Russia, as well as Western and Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

The spacecraft has 12 transponders of 72 MHz and 16 transponders of 54 MHz in the standard Ku-band transponders and 18 to 36 MHz in the "planned" bands of the Ku-band. Thus, the total capacity of the spacecraft "Yamal-402" is 46 or 66 physical transponders transponders equivalent to 36 MHz.

Onboard the spacecraft antenna form four fixed beam: Russian, Northern, European, Southern, and one steerable.

"Planned" band (18 transponders of 36 MHz) will be concentrated in the Russian beam, the contours of which are strictly repeated Russian border. Additionally, the Russian ray will run four transponders of 54 MHz, using standard strip.

In the broader North beam covering the visible part of the territory of Russia, CIS countries, almost all of Europe and part of the Middle East, will work from 9 to 12 transponders of 72 MHz.

Four transponders of 54 MHz will be used in European beam, covering the territory of Western and Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

In a broad beam of the South, covering the territory of the African continent south of the Sahara, will work 8 transponders of 54 MHz.

To beam that formed the antenna capable steered by commands from Earth during the operation of the spacecraft in orbit, can be connected to up to three 72 MHz transponders.

The spacecraft was ordered by OAO "Gazprom — Space Systems."

Start ILV "Proton-M" with the upper stage "Breeze-M" and satellite "Yamal-402" is scheduled for December 8.













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