Spacecraft YaSat-1B launched into the target orbit

April 24 at 11.30.13 MSK according to cyclogram flight after separation from the upper stage "Breeze-M" spacecraft (SC) "YaSat-1B" launched into the target orbit. Management of spacecraft delivered to the customer launch.

Spacecraft "YaSat-1B" is designed to provide communication services to users in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Southwest Asia. The service life of the spacecraft — 15 years.

Start-up campaign was carried out under a contract entered into by the Russian-American company International Launch Services Inc. the use of carrier rocket "Proton-M", commissioned by the satellite operator Intelsat Ltd. to the orbit telecommunications satellites.

The upper stage "Breeze-M" and the rocket "Proton-M" are designed and manufactured at the State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev.

Start Launch Vehicle (ILV) "Proton-M" with the upper stage (RB) "Breeze-M" and communications spacecraft (SC) "Intelsat-22" was successfully executed on April 24 this year from the platform 200 Baikonur starting calculations of rocket-space industry of Russia.

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