SPC Intelkom started production of DPM-scanners

SPC "Intelkom", a leading developer in the field of automatic identification technologies, has started production of a universal scanner for reading the label on the direct application of the product (DPM — Direct Part Marking) — icReader.

icReader C-1 — a powerful new generation scanner with an increased operating range, providing a reliable reading and decoding one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes, including those deposited directly on the surface of the product by direct marking: laser, igloudarnoy, ink jet, and chemical etching.

The scanner is designed for use in industries that use the technology of applying bar codes and labels: pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, etc. Application of the device allows you to get the information you need about every detail of the product throughout the manufacturing process, reducing the likelihood of marriage registration, increasing accuracy and productivity.

To date, the scanner icReader C-1 is the only Russian development of this kind, and not inferior to the best foreign analogues in technical characteristics. For important advantages icReader C-1 can be attributed, and its value, which is significantly below the cost of devices of this class of foreign production.

"Creating a DPM-scanner is a logical extension of our product line. We lead the development of software and automatic identification since 1999 and is considered an expert in this area. By encoding and decoding two-dimensional bar code developed by experts NPC "Intelkom" has found its application in 23 countries around the world. When working on the DPM-scanner icReader C-1, we focused primarily on engineering companies, so special attention was paid to its ability to efficiently decode the fuzzy marking regardless of the nature of the surface (highly reflective, grooved, etc.), and can be safely argue that these challenges our scanner handles perfectly. We believe that icReader C-1 will be a worthy alternative to foreign counterparts in the Russian market ", — said S. Karpov, Director General of SPC "Intelkom", at the presentation of the product.

At present, the first batch of scanners icReader C-1, and in the immediate plans of developers is working to further improve the consumer characteristics of the model.

SPC "Intelkom" invites to cooperation for the implementation of the scanner company specializing in the sale of equipment for automatic identification.


SPC "Intelkom» (http://www.intelcom.ru) — a leading systems integrator that is present in the market of IT technology since 1992, a certified partner of Avaya, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Tyco Electronics. The key activities of the company — a comprehensive enterprise informatization.

Our solutions are based on the application of high-performance integrated production of world and domestic market leaders and supplemented by our own developments in the field of automatic identification products through the application of two-dimensional bar code technology, and integrated analytical information processing.

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