SPE Saturn has completed development of a new radar system

 Photo source:jssaturn.com

Scientific and industrial enterprise the scope of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of "Saturn" in conjunction with the Institute of Radio Electronics of NAS of Ukraine was created and is currently undergoing certification testing of new radar system millimeter waves. The press service of the Ministry of Industrial Policy.

According to information, the equipment used on airfields, harbors, railway stations and major strategic sites national importance for the detection and classification of moving objects.

To convince the developers, the new radar system has a number of advantages over foreign counterparts. The new system clearly identifies and classifies moving objects, determines the speed and direction of movement. All received data is automatically marked and recorded on the screen. For example, the movement of people on the airfield is fixed in one color, moving cars — others, etc.

The cost of Ukrainian installation is about $ 200 million, which is 40% less than the foreign counterpart.

The company-developer of the new radar operates in the market of electronic engineering in Ukraine for more than 40 years. At present, "Saturn" is the only manufacturer of supersonic reception systems for radio astronomy in the CIS.

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