Specialized book Powder Coatings was published in Russian


The company "Alfa-Polymer" initiated the publication in Russian of the unique book "Powder Coatings". The book has been translated and transmitted to the press in February 2013. The first edition of the book, written by leading experts «PULVERIT» SpA. "(Italy), appeared in 1990 and caused great interest among specialists working in the field of coatings — both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

The material in the book can be considered educational texts — they may be useful for operators painting lines, painters hand-coloring, purchasing managers, production managers, supervisors and even designers.

The main purpose of the publication of the book was the desire to deepen its authors, to promote and disseminate the latest knowledge relating to the process of thermosetting powder coating among specialists — practitioners.

The book "Powder Coatings" was presented in the framework of the 17th International Specialized Exhibition "INTERLAKOKRASKA" held in March 2013 in the pavilion "Forum" on the company "Alfa-Polymer." Addressed to the director of "Alfa-Polymer" Gusova Ruben V. received several applications for the purchase of this edition in bulk.

Buy a new book to the office "Alpha-Polymer" in Moscow or in the branches of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Klin. Telephone for information (Moscow): 8 (495) 775-75-72, e-mail: info@alfa-polymer.ru.

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