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December 21, 2003.
In one of the palaces of the British security camera filmed the ghost. It happened in the palace of Hampton Court from the 16th century in the county of Surrey.

The guards noticed the fire exit door on a sightseeing of the palace are open, and checking video from surveillance cameras, they were surprised to find there a human figure in ancient clothes. "I thought it was someone fooling around, but our guides assured me that they do not have such suits," — said the watchman James Fox. "It was incredibly scary, because the face of the figure does not look like a human," — he added.

Another palace guard Ian Franklin said that "the ghost went ahead, opened one door, then another, and closes it behind him." "In fact, it is difficult to find any rational explanation for this," — he said.

Shortly before this incident one of the visitors had left the palace in a record book that she saw a ghost in its territory.

The palace, which was once the residence of the infamous King Henry VIII, had seen in my lifetime a lot of dramatic events — from the death of his third wife Jane Seymour monarch to house arrest and conviction for adultery his fifth wife Catherine Howard.

Earlier, the palace staff, visitors and workers repeatedly reported seeing the ghost of Catherine and heard strange heart-rending cries of the ghosts in the Gallery of the palace.

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