Speed mobile Internet in Chita per day increased ten


Residents of the capital transbaikalian among the first in the east of Russia gained access to advanced communication technologies. MTS today announced the launch of Chita fourth-generation network — 4G. It provided a speed of up to 75 Mbit / s, which is ten times higher than in the previous network — 3G, the head of the Department of Information and Communication of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Viktor Alekseev.

On the first day of the 4G network users are able to catch the Chita and the surrounding villages. New technology has allowed comfortably watch streaming HD-video, participate in webinars and video conferences that require high speeds. 

"The increase in the speed of mobile internet affects the economy of the region as a quality mobile communication and fast data transmission significantly affect the operation of entire industries — said Alekseev. — We hope that the appearance of such a competitive technology will reduce tariffs on high-speed access to the Internet in the Trans-Baikal region."

According to the director of MTS in the Trans-Baikal region of Vladimir Amoz, the company is ahead of others in the region have launched a 4G network through an agreement with the government of the region. "For three years, the operator has invested in the Trans-Baikal region of 800 million rubles of investments, has provided mobile communication federal highway" Amur "and" Baikal ", financed a number of social programs and has proven its responsibility to consumers," — said the representative of the regional administration.

Until the end, MTS plans to cover a new network of other towns in the region — the city of Krasnokamensk and Borza, towns Agin, Mountain and Chekhov.

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