Sports club and children’s area opened in the villages of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the village of Shapkino Yenisei district opened the first in its history a sports club. 

The club was named in taiga — "The Bear".


Organize it was possible thanks to a grant boundary, which amounted to 500 thousand rubles. The money went to purchase exercise equipment, table tennis and sports equipment for fitness. Under the direction of each given a separate room.

The first visitors of the club began to engage in early summer, but the official opening ceremony combined with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the village, who noted the other day. Organizers expect the ranks of the club visitors lovers of physical training and a healthy lifestyle will be replenished not only young people, but also by the older generation.



In Evenki village Vanavara near a kindergarten, "Berry" set a new bright playground. 

The new town has slides, carousels, rings, ladders and other sports equipment. Colorful sports complex is designed for children from three to 12 years. It was purchased at the expense of the local budget and cost the village to 2,000,000 rubles.

Just this summer in Vanavara several new facilities improvement. Derelict wasteland in front of the sports hall is gradually turning into the stadium. Currently backfilled area under the hockey box, which is mounted. It is planned for the summer to turn it into a playground for volleyball and basketball. 



In five courtyards of apartment buildings of Borodino there were colorful children’s playgrounds. The winners of "households dream" became winners and winners.

Participants of the contest "Yard of my dreams," it was necessary to prove that they are going to live in a more comfortable environment and want to see your yard a cozy and well-appointed. The winners of the competition, which was organized by the "SUEK-region" and the administration of the city, residents of the neighborhood were sunny and where there was the largest town. Instead of the old, unsafe slides swing set is built with towers, slides, swings built.

The competition involved six amateur teams. Now, five yards have different architectural forms: bright swings and roundabouts, sports complexes, sandboxes. Every household is different from each other. Only company in the construction of children’s play areas have been allocated 1,150 million.

"When ordered by the City to consider the wishes of tenants of houses, — said Deputy Mayor Alexander Pervukhin Borodino — of course, subject to funding. It is hoped that this practice is proposed SUEK, and now embodied in the specific case will be continued in the future. " 


In the House of Culture of Keys Achy district began overhaul. 

Funds for repairs in the amount of more than 3.5 million rubles allocated for regional long-term program "Culture krasnoyar’ya." In the cultural institution will repair the roof and the auditorium, painted the walls and ceilings, will lay a new floor in the dance hall, install new windows and doors, as well as ventilation and replace the wiring.

Contractor started work on August 13. Their daily quality control staff of the district administration.

"Repairs carried out taking into account the requirements of regulatory bodies. We hope that the contractors did not disappoint and will perform the work efficiently and on schedule, "- said the deputy head of the district administration building on the life of Victor Sargunas. All the work in the house of culture Klyuchinskaya scheduled to be completed in October

In the village of Geoscientists and is completing training center 

In the village of Geoscientists Boguchansky area over the summer have built a two-storey training center, which will be held practice of students of the Institute of Oil and Gas SFU. This writes the local newspaper "Angarsk true."

Construction work on a vacant lot in the village of Exploration Geophysicists began on April 21, now there are interior finishing work, and by the end of the year to be put into operation. The fact that the building is built on a modular technology — a kind of prefabricated structure. Constructs of "Yeniseygeofizika."

"Boguchan Geophysical Expedition chosen to host-based training center for a variety of causes and conditions — says the curator of the construction, the chief engineer" Yeniseygeofizika "Vladimir Popov. — Here, near Abakan area that was investigated by the method of three-dimensional seismic data. Students will be able to master this technique research and constructing three-dimensional geological models. In BSE many highly skilled workers who have a lot to learn. Get here easily accessible area of transport. The district administration has supported the idea of this construction, we were allocated land in a good location: the center of the village, beautiful, and Angara next »  

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