Sports facilities opened in Krasnoyarsk

Almost three years ago, a sports complex, "Falcon" was closed because of the threat of roof collapse. Building with nearly 40 years of history torn down completely. In its place, it was decided to build a new multipurpose indoor ice rink with the logo of the hockey club "Sokol". Previously, it was this ice arena served as the home ground for the Krasnoyarsk professional team.

Old ice palace was closed because of the threat of roof collapse back in 2010, and now, after three years in Krasnoyarsk has opened a new sports complex is the European type. In its walls young hockey players will settle out of school sports club and the women’s team "Biryusa." The terms of the new arena would be the envy and professionals nine locker rooms, a gym and a hockey European standard. Arena ice which must light up the future stars, and soon will get its museum.   

In the village of Beryozovka December 24 opened a new sports complex "Reserve".

The indoor sports complex, which was built in a short time in quick technology located hall for football, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. During the site visit the Governor held here performances of sportsmen.
Lev Kuznetsov inspected the room and talked with the staff. He noted that access to sports facilities should be established in all areas of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. "In our province increased many famous athletes, and not all of them started their careers in the big cities. 

Today it is very important that every resident, regardless of area of residence, had the opportunity to play sports. I am confident that through this site, Berezovsky District residents will become even more often and gladly throw balls into the basket to score goals in the net. And perhaps it is this facility will be the first sports ground for future champions "- said Lev Kuznetsov.
Head of the province said that in the region today are built five major facilities and eleven multi-sites. After the discovery he was awarded the best sportsmen Berezovsky district and presented to students of sports schools symbolic key from the site.

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