Spring update image E-mobile.

Let me remind you that the beginning of production of E-mobility is scheduled for 2013, and now the company is actively working on the exterior and interior of the car, trying to take into account the wishes and concerns of potential buyers (see offs.’s) Because the design can change at any moment in one direction or another.

In the meantime, the project came to a very important date — March 5. Will confounded the skeptics, or the project will evaporate? Soon find out.

Introduction: E-mobility — a car with a dual-fuel power plant on board and electric transmission. Engine running on gasoline and methane, cool the generator and electric power supplied to the two electric motors mounted on each axis. Surplus energy is stored in supercapacitors are used for overclocking. The body is made of composite materials.

1.1. 5th door consists of a single piece of polycarbonate. "Glass", of course, clear, everything else is black. Lights mounted on the inside of the door.
1.2. Installed electric brake servo.
1.3. No spare wheel and dokatka, in case of a puncture sealant is used.
1.4. Suspension: Front — McPherson, Rear — torsion beam. 

2.1. The rear doors are not equipped with openable windows, and vents that enhance the safety of young passengers.
2.2. Body weight of composite materials — 380 kg.
2.3. Curb weight — 1100 kg.
2.3. The total volume of gas cylinders — 70 liters (2×35 L). Gas — methane, propane-butane mixture is not considered.
2.4. The reserve tank of gasoline — 15 L (RON 92).
2.5. According to preliminary estimates, the flow of the city — 2.5-2.7 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle — 3.6 liters, extra-urban cycle — 4.5 liters.
2.6. Environmentally friendly — the Euro-5 catalyst is not. 

3.1. LED light e-mobile is cheaper than the classic, while in the case of failure can be changed individual LEDs.
3.2. Yellow element in the center — a turn signal.
3.3. Middle / Far LED lights are made possible thanks to the development of St. Petersburg, which can increase the light output of the LED to more than 90%.
3.4. Switching the near / far / dimensions realized on / off specific groups of LEDs around the perimeter of the headlights.

4. At the 1st stage of the Championship of Russia on Cross-Country Rallies "Belogorie 2012", the debut of a sports team "e-AUTO". The next stage — Rally-Raid "Gold Kagan" will be held April 19-22, in Astrakhan. The primary task assigned to a sports team, — testing of components and assemblies e-sports crossover. The results shown in the races are important, but are not primary.

For the race created a separate version of the e-mobile, which is a serial hybrid with a mechanical front-wheel drive and an electric motor on the rear axle. All electrical equipment, testing which takes place in the race are serial. The system software control the drive transmission components, electric motors, electric drives, chassis, body, safety cage — Russian design. The internal combustion engine, tires, wheels, struts, brakes, shock absorbers, steering, pipelines and specialized sports equipment — from foreign suppliers.

The first stage of the race ended for the crew of the e-car intermediate second place (3/4 track lead, but 4 the site — the snow for 2 minutes). At the second stage, the team has gone the distance (torn belt ICE). 

5.1. Serial motor e-mobile has a torque of 130 Nm (nominal), the maximum — 250 Nm.
5.2. Weight of the motor — 15-20 kg. Cooling — oil. Operating voltage — 420 V.
5.3. The total guarantee on the machine — 3-year, electrician — 10 years on the body have not yet determined, but most likely also 10 years old.
5.4. Electric double layer capacitors are fully manufactured at its facilities. 

6. Another option number. See also: http://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/13436/


Special thanks http://steelhammer1983.livejournal.com for the extracted information.

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