Square wooden architecture with carved aprons opened in Tomsk

Square wooden architecture opened today, October 7, in Tomsk, at the intersection of Herzen and Red Army.

According to NIA Tomsk in the press service of the municipality, carved wood trim in the square style 8 stands with photographs of houses, which are the objects of cultural heritage and landmark. On each of the stands provides information on Russian and English on the history of monuments of wooden architecture of Tomsk. Square is a kind of open-air museum, where you can get acquainted with the architecture of Tomsk.

All trims are exact copies of the ones that adorn the city’s famous buildings located on Lenin Avenue, 58, str. Red Army, 79A, st. Tatar, 6, and 25, ul. Pushkin, 38, str. Shishkov, 14, and st. Voykova 21. 

In the center of the square is located in the coat of arms of wooden performance, made by masters Tomsk, Alexander and Alexander Romashov Tsaregorodtseva. The new rest area cascading fountain decorated stone. As part of improvement in the square were also installed new wooden benches, planted 13 cedar trees and laid paving slabs. In the future it is planned to open pavilion with flowers and Tomsk souvenirs.

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