Sredneramny trailer for pneumatics

ChMZAP sredneramny released the first trailer on air suspension ChMZAP 9900640-080PPK. Similar trailers in Russia is not yet released. Suspension for his company BPW made to order for special technical requirements ChMZAP

New heavy truck designed by special order. The customer wanted to buy a trawl ChMZAP as on a traditional spring equalizer suspension, and the pneumatics. The plant "Uralavtopritsep" went against the consumer and developed a new semi-trailer with the required specifications.

Semi — Heavy-CHMZAP9900640 080PPK capacity of 40 tons has conics that allows you to carry not only krunogabaritnye indivisible loads, but the pipe. This purpose is served, and extended up to 12 meters load platform. In the near future the new trailers will go from the manufacturer to the customer at the Polar Circle.

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