SRF equipped mobile receivers of information, plot MB

The central command center and two Army Strategic Missile Forces equipped with the latest mobile satellite receivers of information, "MB plot," said the representative of the Russian Strategic Missile Defense Major Dmitry Andreev.

"Place" plot MB "allow to obtain satellite images of the Earth as with domestic and foreign meteorological satellites in the visible and infrared, which is very important due to the increasing intensity of combat training and testing of the new missile technology," — said Andreev, transfers ITAR-TASS.
According to Andreyev, at the moment these items are already equipped with meteorological bureau of the Central Command Post SRF, Vladimir and Omsk missile armies.

In 2014 it is planned to equip the units Orenburg Missile Army and 4th State Central Multipurpose landfill Defense (Astrakhan region).

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