SSM-Tyazhmash fabricated frame generators for the Finnish company ABB Machines


August 25. Were made of two types of experimental frame and prepared the documentation for the third appearance.
Production is a complex welded steel structures, made of sheet metal. From produced earlier, they are more complex structure and increased in manufacturing specifications. To order specialists of the Chief Technologist "SSM-Tyazhmash" prepared new routings.

Currently, preparatory works for delivery of products to the customer. Shipment is scheduled for early September.

According to Dmitry Kolesov, the general director of the company, the "Tyazhmash" great experience in manufacturing these products. For more than five years of constant consumer — Finnish company ABB Machines. During this time, the company produced more than 60 names of six frames generators of various sizes and purposes, each weighing 800 kg. up to 12 tons. These projects allow the company to improve production and open up new opportunities for further cooperation with leading foreign and Russian companies.

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