St. Basil’s Cathedral in the mirror of history — a new competition from

"Workshop of childhood"

"Workshop childhood" informs about the new children’s art competition "St. Basil‘s Cathedral in the mirror of history" in the period from 1 February to 18 April 2013. The contest was organized directory "Workshop Childhood" and the museum "Pokrovsky Cathedral" (the branch of the State Historical Museum).

The main objectives of the new competition was the desire of the organizers stimulate activities aimed at the creation and development of children in educational institutions, improve the level of creative and ideological education of students to develop their skills in the group and interest in creativity and creative activity. 

"Taking part in the competition can be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the past and try to convey in his work the spirit of the time. We are in no way limit the imagination of our competitors, "- says Tatiana Inozemtseva competition, the head of the company.

Under the terms of participation in the competition is open to teams of students from the first to the fourth grade of secondary schools and institutions of further education (eg, circles, art studios, children’s art centers).

Work of the participants can be made in several techniques. This may be a pattern (using all kinds of pencils, paints, clay, crayons, pastels), or arts and crafts (macramé, crochet, embroidery, thread).

Reception work participating in the contest, conducted before March 31, 2013. More detailed provisions of the contest can be found on a special page of the site organizer — the catalog "Master of Childhood" — at In addition, all parts are available by contact phone (495) 698-3304 or @

About the company:

"Workshop Childhood "- an online store, the catalog is a wide range of children’s products: educational games and toys, art supplies, and child development, sports & recreation, children‘s stationery, gifts and more.

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