St. Petersburg: Red October of modernizing production and developing new technologies

Of "Red October" — the oldest company of St. Petersburg, last year celebrated its 120th anniversary.  Production of "Red October" used in more than 80 countries. 

The company provides a full cycle of a product — from design and pilot production to mass production. It has a full technological cycle of production engineering. "Red October" is equipped with modern information and computing center serving all parts of the enterprise.  

"Red October" manufactures, repairs and maintains power units for helicopter "Mi" and "Ka", boxes aircraft units (KSA), gas turbine engines, power center and turbine starter (GTDE and VC) for the aircraft, "MiG" and "Su". The company is developing new kinds of complex technology, including in the framework of the state defense order.   

Department of Motor Vehicles produces 2-wire and 4-stroke engines, tillers and cultivators "Neva", motonasosy and other consumer goods. February 17, St. Petersburg Governor visited the company and ordered Deputy Governor Sergey Kozyrev, supervising municipal unit in the government of St. Petersburg, to work out a system of purchasing power tillers in the municipal order. According to George Poltavchenko, compact equipment manufactured by the factory "Red October — Neva" is very well suited for cleaning streets and yards, especially in the center of the city. 




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