St. Petersburg School of Shostakovich family received a new building

February 17 Governor Georgy Poltavchenko took part in the opening ceremony of the new school building family Shostakovich.

The school was established at the initiative of Maxim Shostakovich and Marina in 1998. For a long time she worked at the church of St. Catherine. With the active support of the philanthropists and the board of trustees for the school was renovated building of the old factory (6th Line Vasilevsky Island, 6).

Now school has 55 students. It is planned that in 5 years it will study 140 children. In school, students will receive a general secondary education and music.


Addressing the teachers and benefactors, George Poltavchenko said: "What are you doing today — a very noble. In this school, children are not only knowledge, but also learn the culture, life skills, play sports. You give them the opportunity to choose something that can continue to lead them in life, and, most importantly, believe in yourself. You educate these citizens of our city, our country. "    

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