St. Petersburg, scientists have figured out how to overcome the resistance of microbes to antibiotics

Perhaps the imminent end of the era of antibiotics, doctors predict which will have to be postponed. Specialists Petersburg Academic University, Russian Academy of Sciences found a way to deal with resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics. With the help of nanotechnology, they synthesized in a broad spectrum of action, which kills even the "accustomed" to the antibiotics microbes.

The substance is created on the basis of natural antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), which is found in many living organisms. This destroys the protein membrane of the microbial cells, and therefore it is difficult to resist. ILA derived from living organisms, acts not only on microbial membrane, but also on healthy cells membrane, i.e. has a high toxicity.

Graduate student Petersburg Academic University of Sciences Igor Eliseev found a way to change the structure of antimicrobial peptides and reduce their toxicity.

"I’m not sure that they would be so harmless that they can be taken orally, but it is likely they are well suited for topical application, — says Igor Elisha. — In any case, funds, based on antimicrobial peptides, which are ideal for the treatment of medical instruments and facilities. They need help to cope with the eternal scourge of hospitals — Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. "

Now developed 10 samples of synthetic AMP, by the end of May, they have to go through the final stage of testing.

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