Staff cars with Glonass infantry arrived in Chechnya

"In the second half of 2011, 19 motorized infantry compounds were modernized command and staff vehicles 145BM1 R-based APC. These machines are able to provide a solution to control tasks in the operational and tactical level of management in traffic and the parking lot is off, and as part of the communication center ", — said I. Gorbul.

"These samples have replaced the outdated BMP-1KSH", — he said. The main characteristics of the P-145BM1:

station can communicate simultaneously with 4 subscribers
communication range on HF — up to 350 km
range communication on VHF — up to 50 km
instead of 2 gasoline engines installed diesel 1 "Euro-2", which greatly simplifies operation and maintenance.

P-145BM1 — command post vehicle (equipment)

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