Stakhanov Railcar entered the market of Turkmenistan


For the first time in 20 years, Turkmenistan has purchased, freight wagons. They were the backbone dumpcars Ukrainian producer of "Stakhanov Wagon Works" (TWA), according to a company press release.

Prior to that carried out in Turkmenistan only deliveries of passenger cars and locomotives Chinese manufacturers.
Ashgabat meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Turkmenistan in September 2011 gave a positive impetus to the development of direct contacts between economic entities of the two countries. So, as a result of winning the international tender in November TWA put the first 40 wagons, dump trucks (out of 250) to the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan.

And at the end of December 2011 left the factory shop next batch of 40 trucks carrying capacity model 31-945 66 tonnes for transportation and mechanized unloading of bulk cargoes. The car stops mounted on the shift in the longitudinal direction of the upper frame. Pneumatic discharge system provides a tilting on either side of the railway. Dumpcars Stakhanov Railcar are certified to the PC FZHT.

According to the terms of the contract, the delivery of 250 dump cars to be carried out during the year, but the plans of the SVZ to shorten this period by nearly half, especially as a new approach for a large order to dump cars. The contract value was not disclosed in the company. However, the report notes that the price of specialized rolling stock is formed in accordance with market prices for steel products and a large car casting.

Issue Dump cars Stakhanov Railcar mastered in 1993. Today, the railways of the CIS and foreign company can supply three models of dump cars, carrying capacity 66 and 105 tons, and a unique 150-ton Mining giant. On the characteristics and performance indicators, these cars are the leaders of the main competitors, manufacturers like freight trains.

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