Star City cosmonaut training center in opened Russia’s first Kosmotsentr

    Star City cosmonaut training center in opened Russia’s first Kosmotsentr.

It is expected that he will be a launching pad for those who in the future is going to associate life with the space industry.

In Kosmotsentre posted mock space station "Mir", fitness center, where you can fly a plane and helicopter, virtual transport spacecraft "Soyuz TMA". There is also a science lab and classroom.


— This simulator station "Mir", in which I was trained to the first and second flight, — says the head of the Cosmonaut Training Center (CTC) Gagarin Esther Dyson, looking at the layout of the space station, interest in space wakes up in the seventh class of schoolchildren. It was the age of 13-14 years — the best for the start of classes in Kosmotsentre.


— The space industry is not just fly into space, and this space biology, chemistry, science technology, science, Earth observation from space, "- says Krikalev.

The center will not only be useful to pupils and students of higher educational institutions, but also employees of the space industry.

— Many of them work in their particular specialty and do not see the "general picture", — says the head of the CPC.


Toy docking and undocking

In a show class fragile teacher introduces students to the device astronaut suit. Cut in half, he is standing next to her. Who listen to her children, high school students will soon follow to check their knowledge into practice. They will be able to try yourself in the role of spaceship pilots acquainted with the mode of operation of the real MCC, visit the training station "Mir" to learn its design features.


In the next lecture in computer class ninth grader Alex Kavun engaged in the simulator "Soyuz TMA".

— I put the problem of electronic MCC, make docking and undocking of spacecraft — says student Kosmotsentra.

Artem Dzyadzko of school after Komarov, which is located in Star City, interested in space since childhood. He knows so much about the "world" that is ready to conduct tours of the station, well-versed in how to perform the commands coming from the MCC and cope with various extraordinary events. 16-year-old Artyom seriously thinking tie with his enthusiasm future profession.

— I’m not sure that I would be an astronaut — is a very important step, but the work in this industry want — says he plans.


Let the interest grows

— We have partnered with five or six schools in which there is "space" bias, and universities — MAI and "Bauman" plan to establish ties with the Royal College of specialized and high school. We hope that with the opening of Kosmotsentra interest in the educational institutions in this sector will increase and there will be wanting to do more — said "Vecherka" Head office gym Kosmotsentra Oleg Zakharov.

Diplomas after school in the center will not be issued.

— The guys will be able to obtain a certificate of passing the course — he said and added that due to dense work with specialized universities Kosmotsentr will continue to help young people find their place in the space industry.



90 million rubles was spent on creating Kosmotsentra. 1,000,000 rubles a year’s worth of maintenance of the viability of the center.

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