Star Mercedes-Benz at the DorTransExpo

At the meeting in late October in Kazan specialized exhibition "DorTransExpo" road utility vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros with attachments manufactured by JSC "Asteys" was voted "Best Product Exhibition."


This is the first car of this type is fully manufactured in Russia.
It combines the chassis, assembled at the site "Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok" in Naberezhnye Chelny, tipper body of one of the leading Russian Bodybuilding JSC "Betsema" and attachments JSC "Asteys" — the largest Russian producer of bodies, superstructures and equipment for construction equipment.

According to the results of the 10th anniversary exhibition "DorTransExpo" held October 26-28 in Kazan, in the category "Modern road construction machinery and equipment» dplomom Grand Prix was awarded a combined road car-based truck Mercedes-Benz Actros 3336K with a set of attachments equipment for cleaning and winter maintenance of roads of PJSC "Asteys" — officially approved partner of "Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok".

These combined road car-based truck Mercedes-Benz Actros 3336K is designed for cleaning and winter road maintenance. The machine has all the necessary equipment for this purpose: rotary snow plow Tarron MS 40.1 (height blade in the center of 1140 mm, the right and the left — 1290 mm, length of the working knife — 4000 mm, width of the cleaning when you turn the blade to 32 degrees — 3390 mm; number of sections — 4, weight — 1163 kg), the lateral snow plow CPS 5.3 (bandwidth cleaning — 3300 mm, height 980 mm front blade, rear — 1400 mm, weight — 850 kg), the distributor anti-icing agents with moisturizing Schmidt Stratos B90 series (the volume of the tank — 9 cu. meters, the volume of the reservoir for humidification system — 2660 cu. dm Length of the conveyor belt feeding anti-icing agents — 4200 mm).



CJSC "Asteys" is the official dealer of Russian Aebi Schmidt Holding AG, known European manufacturer sweeper-vacuum equipment, machines for maintenance of airfields, Plow machinery and equipment for combined road machines. At its production site of JSC "Asteys" makes SKD attachments and, if necessary — the chassis revision of domestic and foreign production for the subsequent installation of attachments.

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