Started First All-Russian contest of innovative ideas and high-tech projects

November 23, 2011 in the Russian news agency RIA "Novosti" the presentation First All-Russian Youth Competition of innovative ideas and high-tech projects. The competition is organized JSC "IDGC Holding" together with the Coordinating Council for the Youth in scientific and educational spheres of the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education, with the support of the Society for the development of fundamental science and industry in the interests of energy sector "Energy of the Future".

The main objectives of the project — the involvement of young scientists and specialists in the process of innovation development of Russian power, the search for new technical, economic and management solutions to optimize the distribution grid complex.

"Innovative development — one of the top priorities for our company, — said General Director of JSC "IDGC Holding" Nikolai Shvets. — We intend to gradually increase the amount of funding for research and development. In 2011, funding for research and development activities amounted to 1.6 billion rubles., And in the coming years, we intend to gradually increase this investment to 3% of the annual revenues of the company ".

According to the head of IDGC Holding, at the end of the competition the company expects new breakthrough solutions for the implementation of the activities of IDGC / DGC, as well as in the distribution grid complex influx of talented young professionals with creativity and innovative thinking. The victory in the project is especially significant, given the scale of IDGC Holding and the ability to replicate a particular innovative solution distribution networks in 69 regions of Russia, said Nikolai Shvets.

As the chairman of the Board of "Energy Future" Alexander Uzhanov, competition is conducted in two main areas: "Ideas" and "Projects". In the direction of "Ideas", the following nominations:

— "The future of the distribution grid complex of Russia: an innovative environment and operational activities";

— "Future training system for the distribution grid complex of Russia." Nominations in "Projects";

— "Innovations in the management of the distribution grid complex of Russia";

— "Innovative technologies and equipment distribution grid complex of Russia";

— "Information systems in the distribution grid complex of Russia";

— "Infrastructure Projects";

— "Energy saving and energy efficiency";

— "The safety and ecology in the distribution grid complex of Russia."

The contest authors of the best ideas and projects can be provided targeted funding for the further development and implementation of innovative solutions to the operating activities of IDGC Holding: first implementation phase of R & D, and then conduct a pilot test production and is the highest result, the yield on the mass production and implementation of the project into operation on the scale of IDGC Holding.

Implementation of the project from the All-Russian competition beginning of the application to the implementation of the best ideas and projects planned for the period from 23 November 2011 up to 2014, broken down into four steps (registration and preliminary assessment of the project at the interregional level, the examination at the federal level, the creation of a prototype, preparation of technical jobs, pilot production and introduction into the operating activities).

Inter-regional expert groups in each of the operating companies of IDGC Holding (led by CEOs of companies) will consist of 10-12 people, including specialists IDGC / DGC, representatives from partner institutions, developers and manufacturers of electrical equipment, independent experts.

According to Alexander Uzhanova, contest organizers are counting on the participation of the representatives of the partner universities of IDGC Holding, advice for young scientists and professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises, research organizations, industrial associations, youth innovation centers IDGC / DGC.

"This project is unique for Russia in that for the first time in one" package "focused mechanisms that enable the student to bring the level of development of industry solutions used in the operating activities of one of the largest Russian companies in the greater part of the country", — said at the presentation of the Deputy Chairman of the Coordinating Council on Youth in scientific and educational spheres of the Russian President, Deputy General Director of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, winner of the Prize of the President of the Russian Federation for Young Scientists 2010 Denis Grashchenkov.

"When planning a competition for intellectual property have not gone unnoticed, all copyrights developers of innovative projects will be protected ‘, — assured the deputy chairman of the Coordinating Council on Youth in scientific and educational spheres of the Russian President, Director, Center for Protection of Intellectual Property Bauman. NE Bauman Boris Korobets.

As the coordinator of the Community Innovators Russian (official partner of the fund "Skolkovo"), Ivan Bortnik, the significance of the project is that young scientists working on the issues of energy efficiency, given the prospect of commercialization, which gives confidence in the relevance of the innovators of their ideas.

According to a member of the Coordinating Council on youth issues in scientific and educational spheres of the Russian President, General Director of JSC "IDGC of Center" Dmitry Gudzhoyan for the promotion of innovative ideas in IDGC of Centre will create favorable conditions, including expected to use the mechanism created in the regions of youth innovation centers.

Applications for participation in the contest is from 23 November 2011 to 10 January 2012 in the operating companies of IDGC Holding. The terms and conditions of the First National Youth Competition intensive innovative ideas and projects can be found on these hyperlinks.

Source: IDGC Holding

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