Started mass production of the new engine modifications UMP-4216

In accordance with the modernization program continued improvement of the product line of power units for cars "Gazelle BUSINESS."

Ulyanovsk Motor Plant "GAZ Group" has started mass production of the new engine modifications UMP-4216, equipped with Poly-V drive mounted units.

Now, instead of two V-belts ancillaries motor vehicles GAZ operates a timing belt with automatic tensioner. This provides a large variation in the distribution and application of power and energy-mounted units.

Application of Poly-V belt is allowed to install a more powerful generator (115A instead of 90A) and the air conditioning compressor is required to connect additional equipment that consumes electricity, and maintaining optimal in-car temperature. Also on the modified engine installed new enhanced electromagnetic fan clutch with increased resource.

Due to structural changes in the resource belt is increased by half (from 40 to 80,000 kilometers), making it easier replacement and maintenance of the engine, according to news agency «InfoLine». Also, by reducing the load increased bearing life of the drive units.

Poly-V drive motors have two basic versions: the air conditioning compressor of various capacities (for vehicles with air conditioning) and without it.

In preparing the mass production of Poly-V drive motors have been manufactured and introduced more than 90 units of equipment, changes in the manufacturing process:

— Installed new imported equipment for the production of stamped parts,
— Introduced a wholly validation of the relative position of pulley attachment using a laser measuring tool.

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