Started teaching Ladoga-2012

Military pilots of the Western Military Region for the MiG-29 SMT and MiG-31, as well as various versions of the Su-27 will conduct live firing at targets simulating the enemy’s, will fulfill the elements of air combat, commit launches missiles at different targets.



More than 100 fighter pilots will perform air combat elements, including the detection of the enemy, target acquisition and conventional defeat, commit launches missiles at air targets, as well as the interaction will work in the dark.

This is the most difficult exercise in which the leading aircraft manufactures light aircraft bomb, the illuminating surface of the ground, and driven planes destroy all ground targets that have been detected visually.


Dozens of fighter pilots with experience of live firing in daylight for the first time will make starts at night, and the young pilots for the first time to use armed aircraft in practice.

Every day more than 30 aircraft will make numerous daily departures and strike targets more than 150 various ground and aerial targets.


To participate in the teaching of "Ladoga-2012" in the north-west Russia from airfields in Karelia, Kaliningrad, Kursk, Murmansk and Tver regions to the airfield "Besovets" in the Republic of Karelia in the past week had been moved about 50 fighter aircraft.

Exercises are scheduled event training of military command and troops of the Western Military District, and will be completed April 15, 2012

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