Started working a new substation in Krasnaya Polyana — Sports

In the mountain cluster Sochi set to the operating voltage of 110 kV new substation "Sports." This power facility is the fifth and final in a network of substations in the mountains.

 "Sports" is located near the finish area of the Olympic ski slopes, "Rose Farm" at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. Thus, the substation "Sports" became the most high in Krasnaya Polyana. It will provide energy Olympic sports facilities in the mountains, in particular, extreme park "Rose Farm"

The building of 110 kV done in alpine style and looks like a chalet. All equipment is located inside the building. This will minimize the impact on the unique nature of the object around.

Another feature of the power facility was the lack of power lines next to it. All lines are underground. "For the first time in Russia we have laid the mountains cable 110, for the first time at such heights are working with power lines in the cable design. Other products and equipment that are used virtually the work of Russian producers, "- said General Director of JSC" Russian network "Oleg Budargin.

For a reliable electricity supply sports and infrastructure facilities Games in 2014, in addition to the "Sports" put into operation "Rose Farm", "Laura", "Mzimta" and 220 kV substation "Poselkovaya."

Photo by press-service of JSC "FGC UES".

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