State tests completed bench APU and engine D-27, An-70B

Successfully completed the state benchmark tests cruise vintoventilyatornogo D-27 engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) TA18-200-70 military transport aircraft An-70, said "AviaPort" deputy general director and chief designer of "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Aerosil " Leonid Plakhov.According to him, at the end of December 2012 was successfully completed state benchmark tests APU TA18-200-70 An-70 aircraft. All necessary acts on the results of the tests have been signed and are in a statement. Simultaneously, the Ukrainian company "Ivchenko-Progress" has successfully completed testing of the main engine D-27.

In the production plans of NPP "Aerosil" for 2013 do not supply the APU for the An-70, as its production will be started later. Earlier type certificate for the APU TA18-200-70 was issued on the civilian version of the APU. To install the APU on a military transport plane had to bring the APU Military Commission to pass state tests bench, "said deputy director.

According to him, for a few dozen aircraft An-70, which provides for the purchase of the Russian state armaments program, will require a very large number of APU TA18-200-70. The total number of APUs for military and transport aircraft An-70 will be a few hundred.

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