State tests completed propfan for the D-27

The propulsion system for military transport aircraft An-70 is ready for flight tests, certificates of completion of state engine test bench D-27 and CB-27 propfan signed in Moscow on Wednesday.

The basic specifications and performance propfan NE-27 meet the technical requirements. Propfan ready to conduct public flight tests as part of the An-70 — said the chairman of the military-technological support of the state commission of the Defense Ministry Colonel Vladislav Bruski at the final meeting in Moscow on Wednesday. 

In turn, the president of JSC Motor Sich, Vyacheslav Boguslaev said that the completion of bench testing the propulsion system of government — it is a great step towards the realization of the Russian-Ukrainian An-70 project. This point, which we have set today, gives a start in life unique enginesaid V.Boguslaev.

He noted that the flight test aircraft An-70 is also almost complete. It remains quite a bit of work in a flight test of An-70. There are unresolved issues associated with the termination of flight testing and implementation of decisions of the mixed flight crew — said V.Boguslaev.

In turn, general designer SE Ivchenko-Progress Igor Kravchenko added that the new engine has turned out to ten per cent more economical than the best engine in the world and the majority of its characteristics superior to all foreign analogs.

This engine is not just completely fifth generation. This engine will be able to appear in the West until the year 2018-2020. At present, our joint technology advances the whole world, at least seven or eight years — said I.Kravchenko.

He noted that the company is fully prepared to launch mass production of engines for the An-70. We are ready to begin this year production. The first batches of about 10-12 engines do in 2014. The main thing that was the order, the customer, and we all realize — said general designer SE Ivchenko-Progress.

I.Kravchenko said that Russia’s share in the total cost of the project is more than 70 percent. The project involves 135 companies from Russia and six companies of Ukraine, — he said.

The project is the An-70 is a state program of arms of the Russian Federation until 2020. According to the Defense Ministry, production of the An-70 is scheduled to begin in 2014. Serial manufacturer of the Russian side is defined KAPO Gorbunov (Kazan, Tatarstan). Sequential assembly of the An-70 will be conducted in cooperation with Ukraine, which will be produced by the wing, empennage and engine for the aircraft. To date CAPO Gorbunov and developer of the aircraft Antonov State Enterprise (Kyiv) approved the scheme co serial production started transfer of documentation for its establishment.

According to its characteristics of AN-70 surpasses today’s existing analogues, including the European A400M, in comparison with which the An-70 is twice lower cost of ownership. Maximum gruzopodemnostAn 70-47t, declared A400M-37 tons, the volume of the cargo compartment of An-70 — 425 cubic meters, A400M-340 cubic meters The cost of the A400M now stands at EUR 145 million, the cost of the An-70 — $ 67 million

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