Statistics on wages and employment sectors

Studied reports U.S. Department of Labor. Graphics under the cut.

The picture once again emerges from the category — "well, where we do not."

That’s how "nice here," especially clearly demonstrated in background scenery — "there as well =)", therefore he decided to put this interesting opus.

ordinate = dollars / hour



ordinate = dollar / hour. stratification of society there



ordinate — in the citizens of the United States 


Sellers is 14 times more than the scientists.

Waiters and cooks — 12 times.

Generally, one would think they have there is sterile — even the cleaners ass chew.

Employment in manufacturing fell by 1.5 times.

By the way, in the field of education is a fitness trainer and dance teacher, so let fellow Americans are deceived.

Office plankton and clerical workers (clerks) do not count.

And you can visually estimate the ratio of manufacturing / service sector.

In production — 8,000,000 in sales alone — 14 million. ie Nitsche fellow Americans do not, and the whole world is feeding them.


= ordinate employment sector * Average pay. ie as sector receives an hour.

Salary sector scientists than only with / x and fishing. U.S. impetuous rush to high jack a brighter future =). Please note that even such narrow areas, such as cleaning and security in one and a half and two times larger than the scope of researchers. Salary sphere of production decreases monotonically, and in heaven rushes s / n and business’s finances. Soon will consume makulaturku and crosses the accounts Fed.


ordinate — in the citizens of the United States

Here everything speaks for itself — over 11 years of statistics, the number of non-performing Pindos increased by 42 million.

For 11 years, the average s / n increased by 1.35 times, which corresponds to 2% annual growth rate. given the huge increase in energy, gasoline, housing, unemployment (since 2007), etc. Real s / n, even in zero honey was in the red. 

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