STICKADO of Smokes conquered the German butchers

Smoked sausage production of "Smokes" were just three medals at the exhibition IFFA-2013.  At the international competition for high quality sausages and hams, which took place at the exhibition IFFA-2013 (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany), which presents the scope of goods and equipment meat processing, food manufacturing company "Smokes" scoops three medals. After passing a rigorous selection of the jury, received a bronze medal «STICKADO. Classic "silver« STICKADO. Walnut ", and gold went to« STICKADO. Cayenne pepper. " The President of the Union of German butchers, Heinz-Werner Suess said the level of quality smoked sausage line STICKADO: «Competition, which is held butchers Union of Germany, is not so much a test of some samples of the products as a demonstration of its high quality and diversity. His superior products, the company "Smokes" creates a positive image of Russian meat industry both domestically and abroad. " It should be noted that the quality of the competition of the German Union of butchers held for 60 years, every three years, and is considered one of the most objective competition in the global meat industry.

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