Stocking in Chuvashia and Novgorod

September 30, 2013 in Shomikovo village on the banks of the Cheboksary reservoir carp fingerlings issue took a total of more than 12,000 copies of the average weight of a fry about 35 grams. According to the agreement signed between the fish farm "Karamyshevskoye" Kozlovsky district and Gosohotrybsluzhboy Chuvashia, carp fingerlings were captured on farm ponds and transported by special transport to the place of issue.

In late September, traditionally began stocking of natural water bodies Novgorod valuable fish species.

So, on September 26 in Lake Pestovo Demyansk municipal area was issued 8 million copies peled 78. Fingerlings are grown in hatcheries Nicholas them. VP Vrasskogo and released at their own expense.

Until the end of October, a further 15 planned stocking of lakes Novgorod region, located in the Krestetsky, Valdai, Demyansk, Lyubytinskogo Moshensky and municipal areas. These ponds will be issued more than 10 million walleye fingerlings and 70 million fingerlings peled.

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