Storm killers

Russia. 14th round [/ b] [b] [/ b] [i] "Saturn" (Moscow) — "Rostov" (Rostov-on-Don) — 4:0 Goals: Loskov, 16 (1-0) , Nemov, 43 (2-0), Kirichenko, 65 (3-0), Kirichenko, 72 (4-0). Missed penalty: aspen (P). [/ I] "What do you call a boat, so it will float." A song from the "Captain Vrungelja" I remembered when reading the statistics relationship of "Saturn" with "growth." While donchane called "Rostselmash" played up ramenchan. A renamed — and how to cut! No joke, under the guise of the current yellow-blue is not overpowered blue-black once. And this, for a moment, 10 matches. Now 11 … [cut] Breaking the tradition of the guests came without the disqualified Gatskana with Lebedenco Hoteeva and the goalkeeper, who looked good against the Moscow "Spartak", but bad — on the background of the "Vanguard" of Podolsk. The composition of the hosts harbored no surprises. Of course, injuries Evseeva, Topić and Vorobiev emasculated gaming palette "Saturn", but they did not happen yesterday, and Andrey Gordeev was time to patch up the holes caused personnel. Guests started the game poazartnee opponent, and opened the scoring hosts. And he did it by none other than former rostovchanin Loskov. Dmitri so delicately tossed with a penalty kick wall that reproach missed gol Gerus not dare. Tochnehonko ball is in the upper left corner. Beat the great master, nor subtract or add. From the repertoire of "growth" Remember the attack, in which just two players trying to break into the fall by himself. Without success, although the intention is to play a non-trivial to be commended. Danger from air attack gate Kinski Petrovich — the ball went just wide. Good was shot and Karyaka over the crossbar. A scoring Nemov, who for nine years of my professional career, spent a total of two goals. Saturday’s was the third, but what are beautiful! Angbva right threw the ball to Ivanov, the one his heel otpasoval Nemov, and Peter on the run shot into the far corner. Very strong and very accurate. A ray of hope glimmered in front of Donetsk team in the 60th minute. Zela was careless hand to catch fresh Akhmetovich and Muscovite Kharlamov without hesitation set the ball for 11 yards. Oleg Dolmatov ordered from the bench "aspen", the captain of a just in case asked the coach, he did not hear right, and receiving an affirmative answer, the referee took a lead sentence into execution. It did not really — Kinský Michael took the blow and thus thoroughly spoiled the mood of aspen in particular for the day. Match with "Saturn" was for the experienced midfielder 300th in the top flight … Dmitri Kirichenko similar to the anniversary still seven games to spend, but it is this evening, as the namesake Loskov, did not agree to leave the field without a goal against former mates. A scoring one, and hastens to the second. Strike while the iron is hot! In the first case, a brilliant pass on the exit of former Russian national team striker gave Loskov, while the second — Karyaka. After that, the game could stop and confer "Saturn" winning a clear advantage. In the sense of Rostov before the final whistle as they came. Home team, apparently waiting for a heavy conversation. With such a bang this season southerners have not lost anyone.

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