Straight to the east

One of the largest railway operators in Russia Company "Evrosib" (JSC "St. Petersburg-Evrosib Transportation System" (Novosibirsk operates freight logistics facility LLC "Evrosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk") together with the Eastern Stevedoring Company (FAC, a group Global Ports) launched through regular container service Novosibirsk — the Far East with the attendant service in the Far Eastern ports.


The essence of innovation is that now the company forwarders can accumulate their cargoes in containers on the terminal "Eurosib" in Novosibirsk, which is responsible for the formation and consolidation of cargo container train in the direction of the main ports of the Far East, especially to Nakhodka.

Earlier search flatcars freight forwarders engaged in their own, which in the past led to a shortage of serious delays in deliveries. The proposed "EuroSib" scheme is interesting forwarders (among which the company called "trans-Siberia", "InterMost Logistics", "VEL-logistic" and others) mainly in terms of speed of delivery.

If the traditional way of moving the containers to the Far East Delivery involves about three weeks, the proposed "EuroSib" scheme guarantees a seven-day delivery of cargo to the Far East ports.

This acceleration was made possible just by consolidating freight, According to the company, as earlier cars were forced to stay on the road because of logistical delays and additional downloads. "At the moment Far Eastern Railway has difficulty with a capacity of marshalling yards, especially in the organization of carload shipments of container, resulting in longer delivery of containers to the destination station. Service will consolidate the cargo at the terminal "Evrosib" in Novosibirsk and reduce the time of delivery, "- says the head of the Directorate container service ZAO" Evrosib St. Petersburg-Transport Systems "Victor Ivanov.

This is the second joint project "Eurosib" and VSC. In September, launched a weekly service on sending express container trains direction of East port (terminal "FAC") — Novosibirsk (terminal "Evrosib").

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