Strategic submarine perevooruzhat on Liner

All of the Russian strategic nuclear submarines, standing on the Navy, will be re-equipped with upgraded ballistic missile "Liner". This, in an interview with RIA Novosti, said Russian Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky. "It (the rocket ‘Liner’ — note ‘Heathcliff’) for service do not accept, is an existing missile that is being upgraded in terms of combat equipment," — said the commander in chief. Currently missile "Liner" armed only with strategic submarines that are on active duty in the oceans. "But in the long run all of our existing strategic submarines (Project 667 BDRM and BDR ‘Dolphin’ and ‘squid’) will be equipped with these missiles," — said Vysotsky. Ballistic missile "Liner" is the next stage in the modernization of P-29RMU2 "Blue", yavlyayuschesya currently the main armament of the majority of Russian strategic submarines.

Flight tests of the "Liner" were held in Russia in 2011, and after its completion, it was decided to start serial production of such missiles. From "Blue" has a more modernized missile perfect system to overcome missile defense. "Liner" can carry up to 12 warheads low power or up to four units of average power or combat load of mixed type.

According to experts, re-strategic submarines on "Liner" will prolong the existence of the north-western group of submarines to 667BDRM 2025-2030 year. The developer of the "Liner" is the State Rocket Centre Makeev.

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