Straw paper replaces the paper from wood

Straw paper replaces the paper from wood to save the planet

Company Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. is a company for the production of environmentally friendly paper does not use the usual wood and wheat straw residues left after harvesting. The company's goal is to achieve in North America transfer paper industry for the use of raw material origin, non-timber.

Many have responded in support of the ideas, as its advantages are obvious, especially when it comes to reducing the rate of deforestation in this way. The cost of production of paper can also be reduced, because the wood processing is expensive, as well as energy and vodozatratnym event.
Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. By now learned to produce the so-called "best" paper, 80% of wheat straw and only 20% of the wood fiber. The immediate prospect of this paper will become a 100% rejection of the timber. It is estimated that the environmental footprint of such paper is smaller than the paper, pass the full cycle of processing as secondary raw materials.

The company plans to organize a similar production in Manitoba, Canada. The project budget will be about $ 500 million with the advent of the enterprise not only improve the environment of the region, but will also create new jobs. The choice fell to Canada, as they are actively engaged in the cultivation of wheat and harvest this crop are high.

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