Stretched the first 175 kilometers of fiber-optic lines to Norilsk

This section of the line and tied Urengoj Mangazeya through Urengoyskaya TPP. According to the general director of "InformTehnoKomp" Igor Stupin, now done more than 10% of the total work. According to the draft of this segment has yet to lead the line up of the village Tarko-in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, and on the other hand to pull the fiber through to Norilsk Vanqor, Igarka and Ust-Hantayskom HPP.

Lay the cable as planned on existing pipelines and power lines, and on the other, specially rebuilt supports the tundra zone.Na today completed survey work, prepared all the documents have been approved by the project operator. This means that contractors have a clear plan of action and the technology with which the project can be implemented. Final cost will make it two and a half billion rubles, which is 30 percent more expensive than the original version. "Before that, we did not have a clear understanding of this is technically possible or not", — says Igor STUPIN — now that understanding is there. I hope that by 2016 we will be able to completely finish the project. "

As noted STUPIN ahead — the most difficult part of the future fiber optic route. It runs from Vanqor to Igarka, on this segment to cross the Yenisei. In this regard, decided to learn from the experience of experts "Norilskgazprom" successfully pipeline in Dudinki with underwater underwater pipelines.

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