STS Logistics delivered a major manufacturing plant for solar cells to Nitol

One of the oldest in the Russian market logistics company STS Logistics provides its customers a comprehensive range of services for the transportation of various goods by all modes of transport, international transport and Russia, warehousing and customs clearance, insurance and auditing. The company’s services are aimed at reducing the costs associated with customs clearance, transportation, purchasing, and product certification.

July 25 for RUSNANO STS Logistics delivered a major manufacturing plant for solar cells. This is the second contract logistics operator with the Group of Companies "Nitol", which is a part of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies. In the spring of 2010 STS Logistics has completed the delivery of the U.S. and Europe 12 batches of unique equipment for the production of Russia’s first large-scale complex for the production of polysilicon and silane — the main component of microelectronics. The complex is created, LLC "Usole-Siberian silicone" and is located in Usolie Siberian Irkutsk region. The total amount invested by RUSNANO project 7.5 billion. Complex under construction systematically require additional supplies of unique equipment from various countries around the world.


To implement the second choice of international delivery logistics operator was defined first successful contract. STS Logistics has developed for the company CNF Engineering (subsidiary of "Nitol"), a special solution for customs clearance and loading equipment. The cargo was held at 0% customs duty due to the fact that this equipment is not produced in Russia and imported into the country for the first time.

May 30, 2011 STS Logistics started the shipment of plants for the production of hydrogen and the further development of polysilicon as a key element for solar cells. The load was analyzed in 27 45-foot elongated container. It’s more than 200 different components and oversized oversized equipment. Geography delivery — from the manufacturer to the port of Oslo, Norway, after overloading on trucks, sea cargo arriving in St. Petersburg and the STS Logistics, a customs broker, customs clearance followed him. From the port railway platform extension process plant across Russia was delivered to the stations overdrive, and from there directly to the trains Usole Siberian city of Irkutsk region, where they build the complex. All freight are closed on July 25 of this year.

In the framework of the provision of logistics services on a "door to door» STS Logistics in this project Survey conducted in the ports of the route Oslo and St. Petersburg. After evaluating the possibilities of ports was made complete disassembly of cargo in order to place a minimum number of containers of its partial re-packaging and reloading. The solution to optimize transportation costs while maintaining quality and deadlines are satisfied with the customer, which is currently forming a new branch of the Russian industry — solar energy. In this regard, the logistics operator already optimizes the regular delivery route from the U.S. reactor for "Nitol."

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