Student from Zaporizhzhya development to study the planets tried to


  • On his computer program Ilya works for about a year.  Photo: from the personal archives of the hero of publication.
  • On his computer program Ilya works for about a year. Photo: from the personal archives of the hero of publication.

A high school student has developed a project which has no analogues in the world. 07.05.2013 Zaporizhzhya 11th grader Ilya Litkin together with his supervisor Svetlana Belous made waves in Indonesia, which hosted the International Conference of Young Scientists. The jury "ICYS-2013" from Korea, Taiwan, Serbia interested in Ukrainian project "Detection of cracks", and sponsors conferences and businessmen took Ilya coordinates for future communications.  Interest in the work of Zaporozhye schoolboy due to the fact that it opens up new horizons in different areas. Thanks to this design, you can easily analyze the defects that have appeared on the surface. The essence of a computer program that is loaded into it photographs the object itself and the computer calculates the number of cracks and their length, width, area and examines their dynamics. The development of the young genius can be used in astronomy to study the surface of various planets and asteroids in geography, geophysics, archeology and industry. Simply put, the miracle of Elijah project can be useful wherever there are cracks.

By the way, its development guy already applied in practice. Flaw used by Leznikovsky Pokostivske and quarries. Its program guy sold them for 500 hryvnia.

— This was the initial version of the work, so the price is. Now the program is more complex, advanced. But I’m still working on "The detector cracks." I want to make it more responsive to the program to quickly analyze photographs — shared with the "Komsomolskaya" Elijah. — When it is completely finished its development plan to patent.

He sits on his brainchild guy almost round the clock. He says that the main thing in this work perseverance and diligence. But, nevertheless, manages to Ilya and friends see your girlfriend and time to pay.

Therefore, time is running out lessons, but in spite of that in the certificate of Ilya high marks. At the conference, for his development of the guy won a bronze medal and a special prize from the sponsors — the cup. By the way, for the protection of their project before an international jury of student preparing for six months — crammed English, honed pronunciation of scientific terms, working out the technique of public speaking skills, and participated in psychological training.

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