«Studio Bellissima» received the status of an exclusive representative

Company «Cadena»

In March 2013, an important event for all the customers design studio Studio Bellissima — the company received an official representative of the Spanish production company «Cadena», specializing in the manufacture of a wide range of high quality fabrics.

«Cadena» — an international fashion group, is headquartered in the capital of Spain — Madrid and more than fifty years of experience in the professional creation of high-quality fabrics luxury class. The company produces a suit and coat fabrics, lace, fabric for evening and wedding dresses. The proof of the incomparable quality «Cadena» is a large number of fans of the brand product in Europe and Russia.

«Studio Bellissima» For more than ten years has been actively cooperating with «Cadena» and the result of this partnership in 2013 was the signing of the contract with the company and receiving project-studio status as the sole and exclusive representative of the Spanish brand of products in the territory of the Russian Federation.

«Studio Bellissima» offers the most favorable conditions for the purchase of products «Cadena» — for both corporate clients and private customers. Among the advantages of working with a company for corporate customers it is worth noting the possibility of all the tissues in no time, no restrictions on the minimum order value, a flexible system of discounts.

Private customers will appreciate the wide range of materials, the possibility of registration of joint purchases to reduce the cost of the order, and more.

See the catalog of products «Cadena», available for purchase on our website "Studio Bellissima" — http://studiobellissima.ru.
Also, all the details and are interested in more details can be found on the contact numbers project studio.

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