Stunning SUV from Miassa.

Quad Discovery collects Company Ural Motors, and according to its representatives, in Russia has already sold dozens of cars. 

The firstimpressiondeceptive because it looks like Discovery electric cars for children who scurry about in children’s parks. But look at the design: everything is serious. All independent suspension, all brakes — disc, the gearbox and the engine at the rear of the car and taken Cheri QQ. Power 53 hpprovidespower-level 2-liter crossover. But the main thing — it overhangs shorter mini-skirts, smooth bottom and clearance of nearly 30 inches.

The drive here is full, and the front pair of wheels can be turned off, and at the expense of off-road rubber and shifted the center of mass of the back rear wheel drive buggy capable of surprising maneuverability even in this state. After switchingmode4WD could be both cross-axle differential lock, first back (this mode — only for off-road), then the front, then turn the machine to a virtual standstill, but the tractioncapabilitiesincrease to the limit.

DownShift not, but its function has assumed a very short first gear. However, due to the tenacious wheels and heavy tailgate break the rear wheels slip is not sojust.

Among other advantages: low weight, the presence of powerful winches and towing lugs. In short, the car claims the status of a full-fledged SUV and screaming inscription No long hairs immediately narrows the range of potential owner, saying, exclusively for men, and all sorts of new-fangled, and with a crew cut on his head. In fact, long hair can just suck into the engine compartment, but it is not the only problem for women.

This Discovery — real slut. Mighty tire toss dirt floor seeping through leaky water, and even mounted awning does not protect against splashes, if not to glue it properly taped.

A dive into the swamp on such a machine oh how I want to, because even the air intake it is located high in the back, so that you can attack with fords, raising spray in twoHousing. Just be prepared to land after leaving open the drain hole in the floor.

When raised in a tent cabin becomes too hot, so it is correct — to don the uniforms for kvadrotsiklisty, not excluding the helmet. It is also important not to neglect the beltsSecurity: During one of the jumps have some fun hit the fifth point.

His muzhlanskuyu essence rover gives every detail: on the move the car nervously shaking, counting all the bumps, engine roars and clangs, reminding rally vehicle. Steering wheel, devoid of power-steering becomes heavy during stops, and the storming of gullies beating in his hands, forcing him to keep a real man, firmly.

But in general and ergonomics, and the comfort level is such that the average motorist can easily adapt to all the nuances, and during extreme exercise and forget all about everything.

The most difficult thing was to find an obstacle that would make the car just a little tense. Hillsides, marshy lowlands, hills, he overcame with a mocking ease on the rear wheel drive, which was just boring. A move down over there? Move out … A jump from here? No problem … In general, thosetask, set before him a regular driver, he overcomes all too effortlessly, and for more serious Marsh’s something you need to understand in the off-highway business.

But that’s the charm: the machine forces you to learn, to experiment, but it is not punished for the mistakes too harshly.

According to a document is a quad bike, shall be registered in the "Rospotrebnadzor" and can legally travel on public roads.

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