Styrene beats Soviet records. Million tons of ammonia per year


First time in its nearly 80-year history, the United ammonia plant of concern "Styrene" produced one million tons of ammonia. According to the press service of the company, the record was made on December 8, "thanks to the coordinated trouble-free operation."

The plant in Gorlovka installed three units for the production of ammonia, two of them which are designed to produce 450,000 tons of ammonia per year, each part of the combined ammonia plant.

As the director of the Joint ammonia plant Mikhail Mokrinets, enter the stirolovtsam million figure was possible thanks to the stable operation of units without unscheduled stops.

Until the end, HAPs can release more than 60 thousand tons.

Rhythmic work ammonia producers can significantly increase the production of the concern of fertilizers — urea and ammonium nitrate. For eleven months of the year, "Styrene" produced 831, 95 thousand tons of urea (in 2010 — 291, 65 thousand tons, an increase of 285.3 per cent) and 367, 92 thousand tons of granular ammonium nitrate (in 2010 Nitrate was not made).

The following year in the United ammonia plant is planned for the modernization of equipment in order to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.

As reported by "Himprom" in early December in the Group after three years of inactivity is included in the work of the ammonia plant unit number 1. As the head of the Supervisory Board of PJSC "Stirol" Alexander Hulin, after removing the "Styrene" at 100% capacity utilization, the company daily produces 4.5 million tons of liquid ammonia and 3,000 tonnes of urea.

Total volume of investments in 2011, the owner of the business head of the Board of directors of Group DF Dmytro Firtash to the restoration and development of the "Styrene" has exceeded 420 million hryvnia.

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