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Today, machines of this type have become a symbol of quality of Russian aircraft. Among the obvious success aviation industry, evaluation and well-wishers and opponents, perhaps, only the Mi-17 has earned the latest versions of the same amount of good reviews.

At the end of 2008 after the results of the US-French-Indian exercise Red Flag British magazine Flight invited to choose the best fighter of the Su-30MKI fighters, F-22 and F-15. The decision of readers of one of the most prestigious magazines in the world of aviation was unexpected. For the Su-30MKI — 59 percent of those surveyed, with the American aircraft of the fifth generation F-22 — 37, for the F-15 — four.

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  • Aircraft-winner - Su-30MKI
  • Aircraft-winner — Su-30MKI

The value of high ratings of "public examination", from our point of view, increased against the background of what we are talking about the plane, competing in global markets with innovative products from the United States and Western Europe. It is well known that in the struggle for such important markets such as India, Malaysia and Algeria, no holds barred. The slightest technical and logistical shortcomings immediately become interested in the mouths of commentators ineradicable vices. However, the level of criticism of the aircraft Su-30MKI does not exceed, as they say, "natural background".

Tangible results of the Su-30MKI also command respect. The number of contracted aircraft approaching the 330 set — more than 230. Address the issue of procurement of an additional batch of India’s Su-30MKI aircraft sets for assembly under license by enterprises of the corporation HAL. Given the announced expansion of the state order production aircraft of this family, by the most conservative estimates, will reach 400 cars. In favorable circumstances this limit may be left far behind.

It is noteworthy that in recent years the supply of fighters Su-30MKI consistently provide nearly every sixth dollar that comes in through the Russian military exports. For a relatively compact company, which is the Corporation "Irkut", this is an outstanding result.

First victory

The primary measure of well-deserved prestige of the Su-30MKI and its variants, according to many experts, are the results of international exercises in which almost every year involved these fighters.

This practice came in 2004, when a car drew international exercises Su-30K, mostly for the conquest of the air. Eighteen fighters of this type, equipped with a conventional radar for early Su-27/Su-30 N001, were delivered to India in 1997, and are now awaiting modernization and transfer to a new customer. Despite the fact that the Su-30K was limited and significantly inferior to the performance characteristics of the future of the Su-30MKI aircraft had already been able to demonstrate its efficiency in comparison with the machines of competitors. Command of the Indian Air Force has decided that the level of training of pilots of the 24th Squadron can expose them to competition with the U.S. Air Force. It is an exercise Cope India-2004. U.S. fighter planes were F-15C.

The results were discouraged fans of American technology. Losing 90 percent passing maneuver dogfighting was expected, since the aerodynamic superiority of the Su-30K over the F-15 is not in doubt. However, the Indians were stronger in the fighting on the middle distance. Pilots taking advantage of N001 radar, had the advantage at the start wagering guided missiles (SD) medium-range missile guidance mode for multiple targets simultaneously. Not surprisingly, after the exercise in the United States re-invigorated proponents of F-22 program, which alone could, experts say, to compete with new aircraft of Russian origin.


Also in 2004, the Indian Su-30K aircraft conducted a series of battles with the F-16C / D of Singapore Air Force during exercises Sindex-2004. Perfected fight as individual aircraft and fighting "five by five." The parties have agreed not to comment on the results of fights because of sensitivity about the topic. It’s no secret that Singaporeans are interested in the real possibilities of the Su-30, arriving in Southeast Asia, and the Indians — the potential of F-16s purchased by Pakistan.

In 2005, the sparring partners of the Su-30K were mixed detachment of French cars in the fighter Mirage-2000C, Mirage-2000-5, Mirage-2000N in the exercise Garuda-II. Air India and France worked through the problem of near and far-air combat, solved the problem of air defense and escort aircraft and AWACS have AWACS. During the eight days were fulfilled flight 162, including 80 flights made Mirage-2000, 74 — Su-30K, four — E-3F AWACS, two — KC-135 and two — IL-78. Total flying Indian fighters exceeded 200 hours. As stated French sources, the Su-30K in carrying out interceptions surpassed the Mirage-2000C and somewhat inferior to the newer at that time, Mirage-2000-5 radar RDY. In the short-range air combat unconditionally defeated Indian pilots.

Unquestionable superiority

International debut Indian Su-30MKI fighters took on the teachings of Cope India-2005. Simulation was carried out single and group air combat, as well as flights to intercept large groups of strike aircraft. Conventional enemy for a new aircraft the Indian Air Force were F-16C / D U.S. Air Force.

The most interesting aspect of the exercise — the composition of competitors’ teams. " Indians were only the Su-30MKI, while the F-16 had the information support of the AWACS aircraft and the E-3. It is considered that factor AWACS ensures victory in air combat, but the ratio was almost equal to the victories mainly because of its superior radar N011M "Bars", which has a phased array antenna (PAR).

Less well known are the results of the Indo-British exercise Indra Dhanush-2006, which were attended by the Su-30MKI fighters and fighter-interceptor Tornado F3. The parties have agreed not to disclose the results of aerial combat, but, according to the Royal Air Force pilots who were given the opportunity to pilot the Su-30MKI Russian fighter vastly superior combat capabilities of the machine.

In 2007, as part of the exercise Garuda-III rivals Air India once again became a "mirage" French Air Force. This time the comments of the parties have been extremely frugal, but the French have noted high maneuverability "dryers".

Also been stingy news of the outcomes of individual and group air battles between the Su-30MKI and the Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon at the exercises Indra Dhanush-2007, conducted by the British air base (AVB) "Waddington» (RAF Waddington). Unofficial estimates of our machines all participants were complementary. It should be noted that within the framework of the exercise was to test the capabilities of rapid relocation of groups of eight Su-30MKI fighters, two IL-78 and one IL-76 to a remote theater.

Special recognition multifunctional fighter Su-30MKI got to exercise Red Flag-2008 in the United States. The participants — the U.S., India, France and South Korea.
In preparation for the Indian Air Force conducted 120 sorties and expenses amounted to approximately $ 25 million. Departure group from India was held on 7 July, and the arrival at the IFA "Mountain Home» (AFB Mountain Home) in the state of Idaho — July 17. The flight was with stops in Qatar, Turkey, France and Portugal. Command of the Indian Air Force for security reasons banned its pilots to use onboard radar "Bars" in combat mode (allows only some of the training), include electronic countermeasures equipment, apply the chaff, and to use hardware data link (allows only voice). As part of the exercise of the Su-30MKI to solve problems in the defeat of ground objects, accompanied by the percussion group, and thus led aerial combat with the F-15C and F-16, performed fire suppression simulated enemy air defenses.

According to the results of combat missions various modifications western aircraft the U.S. side was forced to admit that during the exercise Red Flag-2008 Su-30MKI is superior primary heavy fighter U.S. Air Force F-15 as well as the most common in the world of lightweight fighter F-16.

The next major success of the Indian Air Force on the Russian aircraft was registered as part of the international exercise Garuda-IV. Machines Su-30MKI fighters confronted the European aircraft Rafale and Mirage-2000. The exercise was carried out not only the main program — 430 sorties, but more — 100 sorties. In the course of solving problems to intercept enemy aircraft, maintaining near-and far-air combat and maintenance of transport aircraft Su-30MKI has demonstrated superiority over the fighters in Europe.

Worthy opponents little

Successful series of air battles "dryers" with foreign cars on today’s short training bout in April 2012 in Malaysia. Competed Su-30MKM 11 Squadron Royal Air Force and the F-15C with the U.S. Air Force base in Okinawa, some of which are equipped with a new radar APG-63V3. Aircraft conducted one-on-one battles, and practiced the task of intercepting air targets. This time the score Su-30MKM voiced directly from the mouth of the commander of the 18th Wing United States Air Force Brigadier General Mollow Matt (Matt Molloy): «We flew with the" dry "one-on-one in the line of sight and for its range. As expected, their aircraft have shown themselves perfectly. They showed tremendous flexibility during the execution of major combat exercises. Also, during the execution of tasks in non-line of sight fighters presented mastery of the situation in the air. "

So, today the aircraft Su-30MKI have demonstrated the ability to win fights with any fighter of "4", "4 +" and "4 + +". In this case, the combat capabilities of the machine can compensate for the absence of an external target designation and warnings from the AWACS aircraft and U, high combat training of pilots of NATO, as well as their real combat experience gained in the conflicts of the last 20 years.


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To participate in the Red Flag exercises only invited NATO and US’s closest allies. According to experts, these exercises are the most realistic war games tactical aircraft in the world. The area involved in the landfill AVB "Nellis» (AFB Nellis) in Nevada is about 21,000 square kilometers. Reproduced combat conditions in a particular region of the world, tactics, organization capabilities, typical of the Russian Federation and China. Military equipment and civilian infrastructure "red" are 50 species of terrestrial objects, including models of tanks, armored personnel carriers, position anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft artillery, radars for various purposes, railways and trains, industrial plants, buildings, bridges and vehicles

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