Su-33 carrier Admiral Kuznetsov began combat training flights

Pilots of heavy aircraft carrier-based aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" began combat training missions, told Itar-Tass spokesman for the Northern Fleet / SF / Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.


"Elements of the take-off and landing aircraft carrier located at the head of the ship aircraft carrier group / CAG / in the North-East Atlantic, practiced the most experienced pilots of the deck," — he said.

"The first from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the long voyage took off in the heavy fighter Su-33 squadron commander, Colonel Nikolai Deriglazov. A first landing on the deck of the cruiser destroyer, while Colonel Deriglazov working out the elements of acrobatics, made deputy commander of the naval fighter regiment of the Northern Fleet naval aviation Colonel Paul Podguzov "- said Sergei.

Flights deck pilots began to Sunday, December 18, as soon as weather conditions allow.

According to the representative of the Federal Council, in the coming days, marine pilots plan to continue to develop the deck of aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to flying fighter their professional skills will improve and the crews of naval helicopters, based not only on the aircraft carrier, but also to other naval warships mezhflotskoy groups — large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet ‘Admiral Chabanenko’ and the Baltic Fleet patrol ship "Yaroslav the Wise", informed Sergei.

He recalled that during the campaign CAG helicopter has made five sorties.

"No further hike CAG provides a full combat training based aircraft, which will operate in different climatic zones of the World Ocean", — said Sergey.

CAG has completed replenishment of water and food on December 16 in Moray Firth north-east of the UK and on the same day continued movement along the route of transition towards the Mediterranean, the Northern Fleet spokesman recalled.

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