Submarine KA Schilder

In 1834, the Russian military engineer Adjutant General KA Schilder (1785 — 1854). Did submarine displacement of 16 tons. The construction of the submarine was held at the shipyard of Alexander foundry (at the moment — NGO "Proletarian factory"). This ship is considered a pioneer of the submarine fleet of.

The case can withstand immersion in a little more than 10 meters. Strength of the submarine reached its device and a set of its components, and the plating of iron boiler width of 5 mm, which connects the way riveting.

Submarine KA Schilder

Properties submarine

Housing PL outside looked like an ellipsoidal body, slightly flattened laterally, dimensions 6 x 1.5 x 1.8 meters. Displacement submarines — 16.4 tonnes, the range was diving at a depth of 12 meters Crew PL — 13 sailors. Boat began to move to the beginning of the rowers, who worked 2 pairs of devices for boating, received the title of "duck foot". During forward movement forward strokes were formed, and when working movement revealed, forming a stop. Each device is set in motion by rocking the actuator arm from inside the submarine.

Structurally mounting actuators have been made so makarom to not only allow the submarine to move progressively, but also to carry out its ascent and descent.

Emersion and immersion PL

The system of raising and lowering boats consisted of a water ballast tank and 2-anchors, each weighing about 1300 kg. The input hatches were equipped with cylindrical tower height of about 1 m novelty is considered "optical" tube — the layout of today's periscope, which the inventor has done, using the concept of "gorizontoskopa" University. Overview of the sea surface was carried out specifically by means of this "optical" pipe.

PL could stand motionless immersed in discarded anchors. The proposed project in the rate was a little — a little more than 2 km. H on a real dynamic tests was 0.7 km h For movement on the surface of the sea was prepared removable mast with a sail. For longer crossings provided for integration into a typical floating submarine transport with the introduction of the steam engine as a motor.

This submarine was armed elektrominoy also simple rockets that were being carried out with 2-three-tube units are installed on each board. This martial floating facility could shoot the rocket salvos from all positions.

Submarine KA Schilder

Marine tests

Submarine design Schilder with a team of 8 people (Sr. — Warrant Officer Shmeliov) August 29, 1834 performed a test on the dynamic properties of the boat. The submarine was doing maneuvers in a submerged state, conducts routine stop. The designer has received additional appropriations for the design of a new submarine ship.

Second submarine Schilder

Second submarine Schilder came a few smallest dimensions. It was a steel vessel having a cylindrical shape with a pointed nose, which ended with an extended bowsprit, which was inserted with integrated harpoon mine. The principle of subsequent acts has been coming up to the ship, the boat punched bowsprit aboard the ship and leaving the ship inside the mine mechanism, was relegated to the non-dangerous distance. Then use the igniter performed explosion of ammunition, electricity flows to the munition by wire from the BATT board the boat. Submarine weapons, not counting mine charge consisted of six rocket launchers in the form of tubes. PL could make rocket launchers and volleys at least some provisions, both surface and underwater position. Marine testing second project Schilder submarine on 24 July 1838 in the roads that Kronstadt, which was marked by the erosion of the layout of the ship. The main problem of the submarine Schilder remained slow movement in the aquatic environment — only 0.3 knots (600 meters per hour). The engine boat, based on the work of human muscle, could not develop great speed. It was necessary to use more massive submarine engines. Over a period of 6-year-old submarine Schilder test was not done a bad job on the use of submarines and missile systems artilletiyskih mined aqua transport.

Submarine KA Schilder

Third submarine Schilder

The result of the tests was the allocation of funds by the state to continue testing. As a result, there was a third submarine, which was tested "vodogon" Sablukova — water jet driven by a hydraulic hand pump. With all this speed of the submarine in the aquatic environment was also low

Other inventions KA Schilder

KA Schilder in the middle of the first designers saw the possibility of introducing a submarine ship's movement by electricity. This idea came from the designer after the experiments of B. Jacobi with an electric boat on the Neva in 1838, its reasons KA Schilder laid out in a letter to the Minister of War, Russian Empire.

Given the small distance to the target, KA Schilder invented a special floater in the form of a pontoon, weapons capable of delivering to the accumulation of enemy ships. KA's drawings Schilder, Russian Defense Ministry has made two "semi-submersible" vessel with steam engines, which had on board his own gun and rocket artillery. Some of them are made of iron, is able to approach the target rate of 5 — 6 nodes exposed to the water surface only chimney.


Fascinating fact that KA Schilder first developed a strategy for the introduction of submarines for defense activities of fortresses in the coastal regions, including integration with pontoons and "semi-submersible" vessels.

For the study of innovation and rationalization proposals and inventions KA Schilder in the military and naval matters in 1840 was organized by the "Committee of submarines" from among employees of engineering and naval authorities of the Russian Empire.

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