Submarine Severodvinsk arm the cruise missile with a maximum range of over 2500 km

Submarine "Severodvinsk" arm the cruise missile with a maximum range of over 2500 kmBow shock nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" class Project 885 "Yasen" will be armed with unparalleled cruise missiles "Calibre". In the subsonic version, to strike ground targets, the greatest range the flight of the missile is more than 2,500 km, is now said a source in the Russian defense industry.

"Rocket meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the range and accuracy of fire, and the damaging effects of invulnerability during the flight to the target. Such missiles because of its unique tactical and technical features no one else in the world "- said source.

He confirmed that the cruise missile "Caliber"Has a multivariate combat equipment."Rocket will be monoblock warhead. If the warhead is in the ordinary gear, the maximum range missiles will be more than 2.5 thousand kilometers, "- said the source." Caliber "- is a precision instrument, its possible deviation from the target when firing at thousands of kilometers at most 2 -3 meters, "- he singled out.

In the anti-, supersonic version of the greatest range flight "Caliber" is 375 km.

For comparison: According to public sources, range standing on the arms of U.S. cruise missiles "Tomahawk" in the version for submarines and nonnuclear is about 1,150 km.


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